Revolutionary First Post

Since deciding to create this blog yesterday, I’ve been rummaging around my head trying to figure out the theme of my first post. I thought about writing while watching two NHL teams fight off elimination, comparing it to a time when my back was “against the wall” and I felt like needed to battle for another chance. That seemed a little too serious.

I also considered sharing about how my 14 month old daughter always tries to push out a fart while I’m changing her because it makes me giggle uncontrollably; relating it to how life is full of small moments that we treasure, and to make sure we absorb as much as we can. But then, I figured I didn’t want my first post to contain the word “fart”…

So I came to the conclusion that I would ramble on about nothing in particular so anyone reading this gets a feel for how my mind works.

As thus completes my Revolutionary First Post!

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