I Feel Like A…

It’s fitting that on a day we woke up to snow, yes snow, on April 27th, that uncharacteristic events were to unfold.

At some point this morning as I was sitting at my desk, sipping my coffee and reading some of the sales-related blog’s I enjoy to read, when a post by A Sales Guy caught my attention; and was a humorous read (full post here). Many times we come across individuals who refuse to admit their faults and mistakes. It’s only fitting that on this day, A Sales Guy’s words would resonate with me.

Early in the afternoon I received a call from a customer to whom I recently delivered product. It turns out that while processing the order I neglected to add a crucial piece of information to their order, resulting in delivery of the wrong accessory. It was the 23rd hour and the customer was needing the correct product immediately. Due to the nature of their requirements, I was only able to pull together roughly a quarter of the necessary items in a pinch and flew out the door to hand deliver them.

On the way I received a call from my main contact (hands free, via bluetooth, don’t worry folks) asking me what happened, what went wrong. All I could do was nut up and admit MY oversight, apologize for MY mistake and try to reinforce that I am better than this. Needless to say, upon deliver I did everything I could to assist in set up, answer questions and try to go above and beyond being helpful.

Thankfully, I fell that my previous work with this customer will speak louder than my mistake, but I felt, and still feel foolish about it. There is no excuses, it was my mistake and I need to be better.

Hopefully you, the reader, can learn from my mistake as I have. I’ll be damn sure next time everything is triple checked and that there will be no issues going forward. I think as a whole, people need to admit their/our mistakes and learn from them. No one is perfect and to expect someone to be is flat-out ridiculous.

Do you have any stories of how you were able to rise above one of your mistakes? Although it can be hard, do you admit when your wrong? Please feel free to leave comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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