Rerouting Your Routine

A funny thing happened to me on Monday. I got up at my usual time, showered and got dressed as usual, made my lunch as usual, attended to my daughter waking up as usual, ate my breakfast as usual, left for work as usual (see the pattern here?) It was a typical morning around the Goodrow household, similar to any other workday.

It wasn’t until I made my way out of my community that my phone reminded me I needed to be at a vendor-hosted event, starting at 9 (note: I have my phone displayed on a fixed mount on my dashboard and did not distract myself while driving). Thankfully I had plenty of time to re-route myself, grab a coffee, and was still early to the event.

But it got me thinking: how often do we get stuck in our routines and miss out? Do we only deal with clients who we have an established relationship with or do we regularly pick up the phone and make a cold call? Do we fall in the same nightly routine after the kid(s) go to bed or do we make an effort to do something different? Do we go to the same restaurant/pub or do we try something new?

I’m not saying routines are bad, because without them my life would certainly be in chaos. But it’s important to give our heads a shake and challenge ourselves, to go outside of our comfort zones, to do something that we would “never” do.

What are your thoughts? Do you get stuck in a rut?

Thanks for reading.

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