Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day!

I am not wanting to write a lot because frankly, its Sunday and I plan on spending all day with my family…

I feel very lucky to be a father. It is the most rewarding accomplishment of my life thus far. My family means everything to me and I look forward to many more Fathers Days as our family grows.

But I can’t sit here and reflect on how lucky I currently am without paying tribute to where I came from. My parents have helped shape who I am as a person, there is no doubt about that. However, given that it is Fathers Day I thought I would comment on how much I’ve been influenced by my Dad.

My Dad showed me what it is to be a father: how to be fun, loving, out going and someone to look up to. I’ve always respected my Dad because of who he is and how he treats others. His calmness, his thoughtfulness, his patience, and they way he gives of himself to others. The more I write this, the greater difficulty I have articulating who my Dad is because for me, he’s always just been my Dad: and I’ve wanted to be just like him.

On this Fathers Day I hope everyone has the opportunity to thank their Dad. Mine’s in another continent vacationing, and I still got a text wishing me a Happy Fathers Day.

Thanks Dad. And Happy Fathers Day!!

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