Another Year

The AMAZING Cake Made By My Beautiful and Talented Wife

I’m not one to parade around the fact that it’s my birthday. In reality, most years I hope it goes by without a big deal being made. It’s not that I don’t appreciate being born or that I dread the idea of getting older, it’s just I’m not a showy person. Most years my request is to spend my birthday with family and friends, perhaps a good BBQ and a beer (or on occasion several beer…and then some).

But today is indeed my birthday. The big 2-9. So Happy Birthday to me!!

In recent years I’ve made a habit of reflecting on what my family and I have accomplished since my last birthday. So I took some time this evening to do just that.

This time last year I had just lost my job as the company I worked for downsized ~110 jobs across Canada. It was a heartbreaking day. I had never been let go before, and when I have changed careers or positions it had always been on my terms and I had a plan. This time it was different. So it is entirely likely that I spent my 28th birthday searching for work. However, this lay off was not the worst thing in the world: I got a month and a half (in the summer) to spend with my wife and our 5 month old daughter. And I finally got the time to start finishing our basement (apparently kids and their toys take up space)! I don’t remember all the details (I’m getting old), but we had an absolute blast and my time off flew by WAY too quickly!!

As painful as it was for our family to lose our only source of income, my wife’s unwavering support helped me remain positive. I was fortunate enough to find my current employer in late August and began the next phase of my career. If the summer to spend with family wasn’t enough of a reason to enjoy being let go, my new company made it that much sweeter. To this day, I am thankful that I lost my job because I honestly can’t imagine that I’d be as satisfied as I am now.

Another significant milestone came after a year of preparation and research: we finally took the plunge and started investing in real estate. It was a significant amount of work, but we couldn’t be happier and we look forward to growing our portfolio as time goes on and we strive towards our goals.

But quite possibly the most rewarding aspect of the past year has been watching my daughter grow. She’s gone from a cute little blob who has no interest in crawling, to an “independent” little girl with attitude and her own personality. It’s been a very fun time seeing the daily/weekly changes. In addition to our one little rug-rat , in early February my wife and I learned we are expecting our second baby: a boy! It is definitely an exciting time as our family grows and I look forward to what this year will bring.

I am so grateful for so many aspects of my life: my family, my friends, my health, my career and quite frankly too many other things to list. So yeah, I’ve got another year under my belt and an increasing amount of grey hair, but if the years to come are anything like the past one: I am one lucky man!

And of course I’m thankful for you, for reading. I look forward to what this blog will bring and the ability to share it with you.

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