Are You Ready For An Answer?

I will do my best to keep this post short as my last one was fairly lengthy. Although if you haven't read it, I highly recommend you do (unbiased opinion of course) - click here. My wife and I were at Home Depot on the weekend, which is usually one of my favourite stores to … Continue reading Are You Ready For An Answer?

Sales Training, Cambodian Style

In December of 2009 my wife and I embarked on a trip of a lifetime. We packed our lives into backpacks and committed the next 4.5 months to travelling and experiencing the other side of the world. We spent 1.5 months driving and camping along the east coast of Australia (from Sydney to Cairns). Our … Continue reading Sales Training, Cambodian Style

Planning Can Save Your Shoes

As part of my morning run I pass a small pond. It's not even necessarily a nice pond, but more of an upgraded marsh (I'm really making it sound worse than it is). But nice pond or not, there is one main component that all these areas have in common: geese. During the summer months … Continue reading Planning Can Save Your Shoes

Just Show Me

You can never underestimate the power a display has on a buyer's decision. In a short 3 km (1.875 miles for my American readers) drive, I was provided with two examples showcasing the power of display. Despite countless trips on this particular stretch of highway, today was the first time I noticed a simple white … Continue reading Just Show Me

Who Are You Pissing Off?

I think it's fairly safe to assume that the large majority of us have seen an image of Calvin peeing on (insert company logo here). Look familiar? On our recent holiday my in-laws and I drove from Edmonton to Kelowna, which totals 22 hours round-trip. I lost count of the number of window stickers showcasing … Continue reading Who Are You Pissing Off?

Own Up and Do Something

In my last post I mentioned that my family and I recently returned from a brief vacation in Kelowna, BC. My wife's friend of over 20 years got married there and as fate would have it, the couple could not have picked a more beautiful location and day to share their vows. Being that the … Continue reading Own Up and Do Something

All Boats On Sale!

You will have to forgive my lack of posts recently but I was enjoying a brief holiday in beautiful Kelowna, BC. After driving 11 hours yesterday I am back at home, back at work, and life has returned to normal (well, as normal as life gets I suppose). I had a wonderful time away but … Continue reading All Boats On Sale!