Just Show Me

You can never underestimate the power a display has on a buyer’s decision.

In a short 3 km (1.875 miles for my American readers) drive, I was provided with two examples showcasing the power of display. Despite countless trips on this particular stretch of highway, today was the first time I noticed a simple white sign mounted to a rickety old shack. The message, hand painted with blue lettering, read “Roof and Shingles by [something] call [phone number].”

True be told, I didn’t even process whether the sign displayed a person or a company’s name. I also couldn’t tell you what area code the phone number started with (Alberta added a province wide area code that messes everyone up: not the point). The bottom line is, I didn’t pay attention. Nothing about their message left an impression on me and I easily continued on my merry way without a second thought.

That is, until I traveled a little further and a show home caught my eye.

Squeezed in between a commercial building and a car dealership was a spectacular display home. This was not the first time I noticed this home, and I always thought it was peculiar to have such a fancy looking home situated on the side of the highway.

This particular home builder clearly knows how to visually prove their quality of work. The house, which doubled as their head office, was stunning. It was not an elaborate exterior design, however the materials and craftsmanship were something to behold. One’s imagination could only elaborate on what the interior this home would look like. Along the stone pathway leading to the front door was the builder’s name, etched into a stone slab: a bold, yet simple display. A perfect approach to marketing their “stuff”. The builder catches your attention with the details of the house (that, and it’s on the side of a highway), then subtly provides potential customers their name. Their unspoken message: “You want quality like this? Buy our homes.”

It is almost a certainty that the size and annual revenue of each company is drastically different, and to compare their marketing strategies may not be entirely fair; but it’s my blog and I’ll do what I want.

Correct me if I’m wrong but if you sell some commodity, some service, some tangible item, you NEED to prove your expertise. How? Exhibit quality in your display. Show refinement in your presentation.

Mr./Mrs./Company “Roof and Shingles” should have ensured their shack had an immaculate roof and stunning shingles. THAT’S THEIR BUSINESS! If my business is fixing cars, my vehicle better not back-fire when it starts. If I go into a specialty ceiling or flooring store, I expect the showroom to be littered with well installed and well maintained product. The home builder gets this. They show thousands of drivers every day that they build high quality homes.

The display makes a difference.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Just Show Me

  1. Chris,

    The home builder certainly knows how to make a strong first impression. The house/head office sounds really impressive.

    Also, I think the picture you chose for this post is a fantastic example of effective display.

    • When I was looking for a picture of a great display, it came down to the M&M’s store or the Lego Store. Both are very colourful and eye-catching. But overall M&M’s are most tasty! Thanks for your comment Greg.

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