Epitome of Leadership

While watching the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots game last night, the network cut to a pregame sound bite from Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Ravens. As is the case with most (likely all) Ravens games, Ray Lewis is counted on for his leadership and to pump up his teammates. The sound bite reminded … Continue reading Epitome of Leadership

Reflections of the Sick

I want to apologize up front for my lack of writing lately. It seems that I blink and two weeks have gone by. I am full of good excuses, by the way: work has been busy, my wife had a stomach flu (while being 7 months pregnant), and now our family is collectively battling a … Continue reading Reflections of the Sick

Holding Out

I am a huge sports fan. When I was little, instead of watching cartoons in the morning, I used to get up and watch the Sportscentre morning loop on TSN (it was Sportsdesk back then). I would park myself in front of the TV and watch the same hour of programming broadcasted over and over … Continue reading Holding Out