Epitome of Leadership

While watching the Baltimore Ravens and New England Patriots game last night, the network cut to a pregame sound bite from Ray Lewis, linebacker for the Ravens. As is the case with most (likely all) Ravens games, Ray Lewis is counted on for his leadership and to pump up his teammates. The sound bite reminded me of the post game speech Ray Lewis gave after last years playoff loss to the same New England Patriots.

A brief back story: Baltimore was trailing 23-20 in the fourth quarter and had just taken possession of the ball in their own end. Quarterback Joe Flacco took command of his offense and began putting together a drive that enabled the Ravens a shot to win. With under a minute left, fans held their breath as a possible game winning touchdown pass slipped through a receiver’s hands in the end zone. However, hope was not lost because a couple plays later the Ravens had a chance to tie the game with a 32 yard field goal.

Wide left.

New England ran out the clock and punched their ticket to the Super Bowl. The Ravens were devastated.

Skip to the post game speech from Ray Lewis, found here. It’s only a minute long, and I recommend you listen to the entire speech (make sure your speakers are on and turned up).

In my opinion, Ray Lewis defines leadership. Not just in his words, but in his actions. From his work on the football field to his community involvement off of it; he embodies a leader.

Final thoughts:

What do we, as leaders, do when our teams are down?

How to we react when our teams face adversity?

How to we rally our teams to be better next time?


4 thoughts on “Epitome of Leadership

    • I think the most powerful line from Lewis’ speech is “And let’s go make someone smile out there”. A leader needs to understand not to dwell on mistakes but learn, grow and make a difference with others.

      Thanks for your comment Laurie!

  1. My only ambivalence stems from Ray’s equivocal legal history..Although I know he was not convicted of murder, there were many circumstances surrounding that dark time that remain questionable. I do agree that he has emerged as a leader with unparalleled enthusiasm and commitment and a strong positive influence in the Baltimore community. If there was redemption that needed to be conferred, he is trying to earn that by action and deed.

    • I considered mentioning Ray’s legal history and shed light on how his leadership and community involvement took shape following his probation, perhaps as a method to redeem himself; perhaps not. Regardless of his questionable actions in his early NFL years, he is widely regarded as one of the best leaders and players in league history. Thank you very much for taking the time to comment Mimi.

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