Cause For Celebration

Although this blog primarily focuses on sales and sales-related topics, this blog means more to me than just that. I started writing this blog more for my own personal growth than anything else. Which is why I'm very comfortable sharing stories and insights from my life as they pertain to the certain topics. For those … Continue reading Cause For Celebration

Above and Beyond

Incoming obvious statement: customer service is often what makes or breaks an organization's reputation. The are a number of my co-workers who order delivery from the same restaurant at least once each week. This restaurant is not a Mom & Pop, everyone-knows-everyone type of restaurant; it's a national Canadian chain with approximately 20 locations across … Continue reading Above and Beyond

Goodbye Solution Sales?

I read an article several months ago that was published by the Harvard Business review. It cited "The End Of Solution Sales" (found here) and since reading it I've been wracking my brain about how to properly communicate my thoughts. For those who haven't read the article, it suggests that sellers are no longer required … Continue reading Goodbye Solution Sales?