Above and Beyond

Incoming obvious statement: customer service is often what makes or breaks an organization’s reputation.

The are a number of my co-workers who order delivery from the same restaurant at least once each week. This restaurant is not a Mom & Pop, everyone-knows-everyone type of restaurant; it’s a national Canadian chain with approximately 20 locations across Edmonton. The restaurant itself is nice enough. My wife and I will go there on occasion and have always enjoyed their food. Recently my perspective changed about one particular location, and thankfully it’s for the better.

Last week when the weekly BP’s (as it is affectionately known as) delivery was made, my co-workers came to discover that BP’s had run out of ketchup packages. However, instead of leaving their customers ketchup-less, the delivery driver took a full bottle of ketchup from the restaurant and included it with the food order.

Simple. Take care of the customer.

The addition of the ketchup was likely the driver’s initiative, but it certainly made an impact. I’m sure their tip reflected the high level of service (or at least I hope it did)!

Let’s start this Monday with one simple thought: go above and beyond for every customer. Make a difference for them.

Have a great week everyone!!

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