Cause For Celebration

Although this blog primarily focuses on sales and sales-related topics, this blog means more to me than just that.

I started writing this blog more for my own personal growth than anything else. Which is why I’m very comfortable sharing stories and insights from my life as they pertain to the certain topics.

For those who have followed, I hope I’ve adequately shared how important family and work-life balance is to me. My family means the world to me.

Which is why I am very excited to share that on Wednesday October 17, 2012 my wife, our daughter and I welcomed our son to our family!! He was born at 3:06 am, after 3 hours of drug free labour (SO proud of my wife, because she desperately wanted the drugs haha!)

Although this past week has been exhausting on both my wife and I, we are reminded that being a parent is by far the most important and rewarding thing we will ever do.

I love being a Dad!

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