The Trouble with Social Media

You will have to forgive me, my loyal followers, for my lack of posts recently. Since my son was born, I’ve spent the last couple weeks splitting time between home and work. Balancing my lack of sleep with catching up on work activity missed, has left me with little time to sit and write.

However, I received a LinkedIn message the other day that prompted a response I’d like to share (edited to protect the guilty):

Hi Chris,

We are both in the same Linkedin group, and would like to invite you to a Free Webinar that I thought you might like.

Title: Taking Your Phone Skills to the Next Level. A Special Free Webinar for Sales Professionals.

Description: Discover a proven process to grow your business, faster and easier than you ever thought possible by using the phone.

Date & Time: See link

Please register for the above meeting by visiting this link:
(link was here) 

Once you have registered, we will send you the information you need to join the webinar.


There are several reasons why this rubbed me the wrong way; and I’m sure that I’m not the only victim of these “copy-and-paste” emails.

1) Not only had I never connected with person, we have never had a discussion online or otherwise.

2) This was the third email sent to me, worded exactly the same. Additionally, the second and third attempt were one day apart.

3) The sender knows nothing about me, what I do, my company and our business goals.

4) There was no indication as to what LinkedIn group we share and how my name came to their attention.

5) I could continue, but the bottom line is: No value was created.

I can only imagine how often this occurs through social media and I’d love to find out the lack-of-success rate.

Social media is great. It allows us to connect with people around the world. It becoming a highly useful and important sales tool: but it needs to be used correctly.

Connect with me (hint: change the default “I’d like to add you to my professional network” to something a little more personal). Show up in my timeline: post, comment, like your way into providing relevant content and proving your expertise. Send me a message that shows you’ve done your research about me. I’m always looking to “meet” new people, hear different perspectives, exchange information and learn from others.I’m a friendly person, get to know me and you’ll find out.

After that rant, I’m sure you’re asking yourself: How else can we connect? Well…



Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks for reading!!

7 thoughts on “The Trouble with Social Media

  1. Amen! I admit to occasionally using the “I’d like to add you to …” but only if there was already a relationship in place and we agreed verbally to connect on LinkedIn. Now … if I can just figure out how to use Twitter effectively. Did I mention that when I was growing up, living in the country, we had a party line??? My how times have changed!

    • I’ve used the default LinkedIn line from time to time as well, only for people I know in the “real world”. I appreciate your comment Laurie!

      And a party line?! What’s that like??!! Haha

      • LOL … party lines did create wonderful opportunities for bored teenagers to spy on neighbours. Of course, in rural Manitoba, what we learned never amounted to much!

    • Yes! I was on a party line as well. My hyperconnected kids get no sympathy…

      BTW – I really enjoy twitter – think of it as one big swirling, rolling conversation. I’m able to discover, connect, and start conversations with people I’d never cross paths with otherwise.. I find many connections start on twitter and move to linked in.

      Chris, great reminder that it’s the relationship that matters and pretend relationships are more irritating than regular, impersonal junk mail.

      • Twitter can be overwhelming to some (my wife took a lot of convincing to join), but it’s a great way to connect, get information (useful or otherwise) and reach a unique audience.

      • Thanks for reading and leaving a comment Broc. I too, enjoy twitter very much: it’s been funny looking back how my usage and who I follow have evolved since I joined.

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