Tis The Season

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner and as always it has managed to sneak up on me. Which is why I’m so thankful for my wife and her proactive holiday thinking and doing. I look forward to seeing my 22-month old daughter react all the festivities that Christmas brings: last year she just liked the attention, this year she’ll like the presents (hers and everyone else’s)! For me, Christmas has always been a time to gather with family and celebrate the season, a time to slow down a step and appreciate all the blessing bestowed upon me, and a time to eat WAY too much food!

As much as I’m learning to love and appreciate Christmas (yes, I was a Scrooge. Commercialism and all that nonsense), a thought struck me last week as I was opening several holiday cards.

Among the stack of well wishes from friends and family were a number of cards from companies I’ve done business with. One card in particular stood out. it took me a minute or so to realize who the person and the company was: it had been years since my single interaction with them.

I understand sending well wishes to our customers and reminding them that we appreciate their business. But why do we limit ourselves to once a year? Why is it that only in December do we start sending cards and gifts? The best time to thank a customer should be ALWAYS.

I took a look at all the fridge magnets and mini calendars I received in my stack of mail, and they all went in the garbage. How do I choose which ones stay and which ones go? I categorized all these trinkets into the same pile, without differentiating one from another.

Is that how we want to be viewed by our customers? Wouldn’t it be more effective to stay top-of-mind if my card or gift was the only one in their hands? A single fridge magnet would have made its way to my fridge, but 4 or 5: not a chance.

But this extends beyond the world of sales and customer interaction.

Every day is special and we should not limit ourselves to celebrating strictly around holidays. Gather with family whenever you can, slow down and appreciate life when the opportunity allows, and eat WAY too much often (okay maybe not that last one). Why not make “all the time” special?

Food for thought.

Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and the very best this holiday season!! Thanks for reading.

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