The Ford Truck Box Experience

I have been wanting to post this for some time, but after an exhaustive search I cannot find the video I desired. So here goes without my visual aide! A number of years ago Ford aired an advertisement where they vertically suspended a new F-150 in the air, attached only by the box. The narrator … Continue reading The Ford Truck Box Experience

The Sales Relationship Paradox

Hefty title isn't it? Sounds ominous... First let me take a step back. In a previous post I wrote about how the sales relationship is changing ("Goodbye Solution Sales?") and how advancements in technology continue to increase the amount of information that is available to perspective buyers. I want to elaborate on a point that, as … Continue reading The Sales Relationship Paradox

Forget Resolutions

2013 is upon us! With every new year, conversations steer to ours resolutions: ways we want to improve and be a better person than the year before. Truth be told, I've rarely participated in "Making a New Years' Resolution". For example, one year I decided it was time to give up competitive rowing (something I have never … Continue reading Forget Resolutions