Forget Resolutions

2013 is upon us!

With every new year, conversations steer to ours resolutions: ways we want to improve and be a better person than the year before. Truth be told, I’ve rarely participated in “Making a New Years’ Resolution”. For example, one year I decided it was time to give up competitive rowing (something I have never done or contemplated doing before). Another year I decided I was not going to participate in any triathlons (again, no interest – and I might would never make it).

So it came as a surprise to me that days into the New Year I continue to think about a post I read on January 1st. I was referred to Chris Brogan’s blog where each year he shares 3 words that focus his goals and efforts for next 12 months. After reading Chris’ post, the notion of 3 focus-driving words really stuck with me.

It’s not that this is a foreign concept either. Several companies I have worked for/with in the past launch an annual strategy which is themed around keys words or a short phrase. To implement this personally never seemed to cross my mind.

I started to kick around some words I would use if I were to subscribe to Chris’ 3-word theory. Then, something strange happened: I began buying in to them. I would come across a word and justify keeping on my list and ranking it higher than others. I though about what my year is going to look like. What goals I want to accomplish this year; personally and professionally.

I bought into My 3 Words enough that I would like to share them. Put them into print. Make them known and come December, measure myself.

1) Connect

2012 was a busy year for myself and my family: and I loved every minute of it. However, the year seemed to fly by and it hurts me to realize how little time I spent connecting or furthering current connections. There are a handful of friends I saw sparingly in 2012 and I want to change that. I have grown my online connections extensively, and I want to continue to foster and develop those relationships. I also want to be more present while engaged with others. I want to focus my attention and energy on the connection and give more of myself in the moment.

2) Grow

In the last year I feel I have grown significantly as it relates to sales. I’ve read countless books, e-books, white papers, blogs and I have participated in webinars surrounding sales and the environment of sales. When you invest time in your own development, results will follow. Not only do I want to continue my professional growth in the sales realm, but I want to extend this to other avenues of my life. I want to grow as a husband, and as a father. I want to grow and strengthen my relationships. I want to expand my knowledge and experience as it pertains to Real Estate Investing. And I want to continue my growth as a professional salesperson from last year.

3) Action

As it “Take Action”. 2013 will be a year of action. Think, plan and DO. I find often, perhaps too often, I think, I plan, but I fail to execute. Change is hard, and stepping out beyond my comfort zone is a challenge: one I need to embrace. For the betterment of my family and our goals I need to take action.

There you have it: my 3 words for 2013. It’s been a great experience reflecting on the past year and how I wish to drive my efforts for the next. I suggest you develop your own 3 words and see what happens.

What would yours be?

Thanks for reading and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

4 thoughts on “Forget Resolutions

  1. Chris, I’d have to go for Purpose, Connect, and Simplify. I want to focus on doing more of the stuff that matters and less of the stuff that doesn’t (easy to say, hard to do). This past year I have gained a lot of clarity around how I want to focus my time, efforts, and energies – the mortality clock is ticking and I need to amp it up. And, last year blogs and twitter exponentially expanded my network. I got to meet so many great people online and even meet a few of them in person. I’m now looking to take those meetings and develop them into more meaningful relationships and have (slowly) started reaching out and connecting with a few people via phone, skype, or in person.

    • Broc, thanks for your comment. Great choice of words too. If you have a chance to read Chris’ blog (the originator) it’s interesting to see how his words have evolved as time has gone on. Hope you and your family had a great holiday!

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