Your Thoughts On Fridays

It’s the end of April, and it snowed yesterday. Fittingly all the snow had finally melted off the grass in my yard, and I even started spring yard activities over the weekend.

It likely wouldn’t be that bad if this was the first snowfall of April; but in fact it’s the third. It seems like spring will never officially come; it has shown signs of arriving, only to pull it away again, like Lucy does time and time again to Charlie Brown.

As frustrating as it may be to see thick snowflakes collecting on the ground, again; it reminds me how much a person’s attitude can affect their overall demeanor, and often their performance. This can be properly summed up by comparing two typical thoughts when it comes to Fridays.

“Is it Friday yet?” or “Is it Friday already?”

The first group of people are consumed by the wait for the end of the week; often resulting in lower productivity and potentially lower moral. While our second group is so consumed by the events of the week that Friday has arrived as a pleasant surprise. It stems to reason that the latter group was more productive and could be viewed as contributing to a higher workplace moral.

I don’t think it’s an accident that Friday often surprises some of us. If we thoughtfully plan activities that engage our interests or strengths, time flies. But if we are motivated merely by the end of the day/week, viewing daily activities as mundane and meaningless; I can see why counting down to Friday is so appealing. After all, what else is there to do, right?!

It’s not always easy to push yourself to change your behaviour or your attitude, but it sure is rewarding when you do.

6 thoughts on “Your Thoughts On Fridays

  1. And Mondays are the beginning of a new week full of opportunities. Weekends are not nearly as much fun when we start counting down the days/hours to dreaded Monday as soon as we leave work on Friday!

  2. I used to work with a woman who looooovvvveeeddd Fridays. Not Saturday or Sunday. Friday. She even referred to Thursday as “Little Friday”.

    She really didn’t appreciate it when I started referring to Friday as “Little Monday”. 🙂

  3. This reminds me of a speech I once heard at my old school where the speaker referred to Friday as being POETS day = Push Off Early, Tomorrow’s Saturday. All those folks who are working for the weekend should try working for themselves. Weekend? What weekend? 🙂

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