Selling To Bruce Lee

I subscribe to a Daily Boost of Positivity, and today’s email was too good not to share.

According to Jacob Morgan, modern-day selling has a lot in common with the late Bruce Lee. That’s right: Bruce Lee. How? One of Bruce Lee’s approaches toward martial arts was the idea of fighting without fighting, which can be adapted to the selling world as “selling without selling.” Pretend you had to sell to Bruce Lee, but if he felt like you were pitching or selling to him, he would get to kick you in the head. All of a sudden your approach toward selling would be different. Now, instead of trying to sell, you will try to connect and build a relationship. You will try to build trust.

I really like the image of trying to sell to Bruce Lee but if you pitch or sound sales-y, you could be kicked in the head. Made me laugh!

Have a great day everyone!!

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About Chris Goodrow
Teacher turned sales professional. Currently managing an inside sales team. Husband, father, sports fan, real estate investor and now blogger. Hopefully I can make this worth the time it takes to read…enjoy!

10 Responses to Selling To Bruce Lee

  1. broc.edwards says:

    🙂 This applies to so many different things. “Imagine you had to resolve a conflict with Bruce Lee..” “Imagine you had to motivate Bruce Lee, but if you were manipulative…” “Imagine you had to manage Bruce Lee, but any time you rely on authority instead of influence…”

  2. Tim Mushey says:

    This is fantastic! Thanks for the great share Chris. Enjoy the rest of your week..

  3. This is funny! Great sales technique. 😉

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  4. Harish Davda says:

    Interesting and effective. I totally agree about connecting and building a relationship. Thanks for sharing, Chris.

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