Missed Me?

I realize that it has been well over a month since my last post: I feel horrible. And oddly enough, it’s not for the reason I thought it was. I kept thinking about the time that has passed since my last post and kept feeling bad as it was ‘X’ number of days since the last one. I got used to regular schedule(ish) of blogging and when I fell off track, I was embarrassed I missed so much time.

However, here I am, one month and 18 days since my last published post and surprisingly the time doesn’t bother me. Why I regret not writing more often and what has been reinforced is that writing is therapeutic for me. Because I hadn’t planted myself down with the intent to write a post in a long time, I lost touch with one of my outlets: I felt off.

Even now, in the 5 minutes I have spent populating these thoughts, I feel a degree of inner calmness. The last months have been a whirlwind. I could list everything I’ve been doing but a) I don’t want to think about it and, b) you likely could care less. Point being, I’ve been busy: but that’s no excuse. This is for me.

I am reminded, yet again, that unless we stop and take a moment to slow down and enjoy ourselves, life can flash before our eyes. You’d think I’d learn…

It feels good to be back, thanks for waiting.


About Chris Goodrow
Teacher turned sales professional. Currently managing an inside sales team. Husband, father, sports fan, real estate investor and now blogger. Hopefully I can make this worth the time it takes to read…enjoy!

4 Responses to Missed Me?

  1. Welcome back buddy. We missed you and your words of wisdom. I know how hard it can be to be consistent in writing but as you said, it can be very therapeutic. Looking forward to your future posts.

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