The Power of Choice

I have been struggling to properly formulate my thoughts surrounding this post. Not simply because of the nature of the topic and its implications; but because I do not consider myself "good at it". It struck me when I heard a friend of mine, after losing her husband, stand in front of a large group … Continue reading The Power of Choice

The Mess We’re In

Last week I mentioned I was reading SNAP Selling by Jill Konrath and highly recommended it. There were several points that stuck out to me as I read it, and one of them was a quote from Ronald Reagan. Reagan commented that the Status Quo really means "the mess we're in". I believe this goes beyond Re-Routing … Continue reading The Mess We’re In

C is for Confidence

My daughter has a toy train that she loves. She can sit and ride around on it, it sings songs, makes train noises and has five buttons (A through E) that cycles through different responses when pushed. The first of which is a pleasant female voice saying the colour while the second option resembles "D … Continue reading C is for Confidence