The Ford Truck Box Experience

I have been wanting to post this for some time, but after an exhaustive search I cannot find the video I desired. So here goes without my visual aide! A number of years ago Ford aired an advertisement where they vertically suspended a new F-150 in the air, attached only by the box. The narrator … Continue reading The Ford Truck Box Experience

Just Show Me

You can never underestimate the power a display has on a buyer's decision. In a short 3 km (1.875 miles for my American readers) drive, I was provided with two examples showcasing the power of display. Despite countless trips on this particular stretch of highway, today was the first time I noticed a simple white … Continue reading Just Show Me

Who Are You Pissing Off?

I think it's fairly safe to assume that the large majority of us have seen an image of Calvin peeing on (insert company logo here). Look familiar? On our recent holiday my in-laws and I drove from Edmonton to Kelowna, which totals 22 hours round-trip. I lost count of the number of window stickers showcasing … Continue reading Who Are You Pissing Off?